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I am a member of National Rental Car’s Emerald Club.

I have achieved silver status according to Hilton Honors.

And I am TSA Pre-Check.

The latter is an accomplishment I’m particularly proud of.


I’ve worked in a lot of advertising agencies.

And I’ve lived in several different cities.

I feel like this has given me a broad range of experiences to draw on.

It’s also helped me accumulate a fairly impressive t-shirt collection.


I feel my best work is still ahead of me.

It’s why I keep at it.

My goal is to win a Gold Cannes Lion.

And send someone from the mailroom to accept it.

Having achieved that, I would quit the next day.

And open up a BBQ restaurant.




After 25 years of advertising you might find yourself

with a few stories to tell. That's why I started Kingdom

of Failure. The writing resonates because it's not doing what 

99% of advertising bloggers do. Which is bragging about their success or

pontificating about the industry.

These stories don't do that. These stories get real.

Here's an interview I did with the website

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